Juba Nimule Bridge

Project Overview

Louis Berger (based in New Jersey, USA) and on behalf of USAID released a tender for design, supply and install of 7 No. steel bridges with reinforced concrete decks with spans of between 12m and 86m.

Terrain Services and REID Steel designed required bridges within design tolerances of the client. Designs were approved on 1st submission and the bridge structures subsequently prefabricated in Europe by REID Steel and shipped to Sudan by Terrain Services.

The bridges were erected and installed according to programme and reinforced concrete decks placed and bridges commissioned October 2009.

The bridge details are as follows: -

  • Bridge 1 at Kubri Arba (168.3 km from Nimule/23.7km from Juba): Type: 18.3m Beam
  • Bridge 2 at Kubri Hamsa (165.3km from Nimule/26.7km from Juba): Type: 12.2m beam
  • Bridge 3 at Kubri Sita (163.7km from Nimule/28.3km from Juba): Type: 40m Truss
  • Bridge 4 at Nyole (92.7km from Nimule/99.3km from Juba): Type: 40m Truss
  • Bridge 5 at Kit (91km from Nimule/101km from Juba): Type: 50m Truss
  • Bridge 6 at Aswa (23.4km from Nimule/168.6 from Juba): Type: 18.3m beam – 50m Truss – 18.3m Beam
  • Bridge 7 at Merlin/Nimule (1.6km from Nimule/190.4km from Juba): Type: 18.3m Beam

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Louis Berger Group


Juba – Nimule
South Sudan.

Project Value

US$ 5,929,137.60

Contract Period

12 Months